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The region

Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta 
In the extreme northwest of Italy, fringed by the French and Swiss Alps and grooved with deep valleys, Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta are among the least "italian" regions in the country. Piemontesi spoke French

until the end of the nineteenth century and Piemontese dialect reflect Provencal influence; Valle d'Aosta is bilingual and in some valleys the locals, whose ancestors emigrated from Switzerland, still speak a dialect based on German. Piemonte (literally "at the foot of the mountains") is one of Italy's wealthiest regions,known for its fine wines and food, and for being home to huge  italian corporations such as Fiat and Olivetti.
Italy's longest river, the mighty Po, begins here, and the towns of its vast plain have grown rich on both 
manufacturing and rice, cultivated in sweeping paddy fields.

San Federico Gallery  Turin
Stresa lake Maggiore                                                    
Rhemes Notre Dame   Aosta Valley

Bard fortress   Aosta Valley